Have You Scheduled Your Eye Exam?

Have You Scheduled Your Eye Exam?As restrictions begin to lift, we would like to remind you of the importance of scheduling your annual eye exam. Eye exams are important at every age and life stage.

During this past year, as our world became entirely virtual, your eyes may have experienced additional strain causing headaches or dizziness and your eyes may have felt tired and dry, all of which could be cause for concern. Routine comprehensive eye exams also allow our optometrists to monitor the condition and health of your eyes and to detect early on any vision problems, eye diseases, and other health concerns. In addition to helping you see clearly, your eyes can also act as windows into your health and certain red flags may show up during an eye exam that may affect your overall health and wellness.

We understand that under these conditions, it can be daunting to visit our office, however, we are taking all the necessary steps to best protect our patients, staff, and doctors. We remain dedicated to providing you with high-quality care while following the CDC guidelines.

Our staff has undergone intensive training and education on the importance of hygiene, facemasks, protective gear, and etiquette. We routinely clean and sterilize all surfaces, supplies, equipment, and tools within our office because when you walk into any healthcare facility, you should feel confident that you are in a safe and clean environment. We have also placed additional safety measures in our office to help limit contact with others so that your visit can be a safe and healthy one.

Why should I schedule a comprehensive eye exam?

During your exam, we will test your visual acuity (sharpness), eye movement and alignment, depth perception, and a variety of other factors that contribute to your quality of vision. Eye drops will be used to enlarge your pupils so that your optometrist can see into your eyes and check for any early signs of health problems within your body.

By examining the blood vessels within your eye, signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, disorders, hypertension, and other health problems can be detected. Early detection and treatment are critical to reducing your risk of vision loss or blindness.

The demands on our eyes today are greater than ever. It is our privilege to ensure your eyes are up for the challenges of today. Some of the biggest threats to your eyes today include digital eye strain, dry eyes, sun damage, and allergies.

How often should I be seen?

Eye exams are important for both adults and children. For children, they should have their first eye exam before the age of 1 and then another between 3-5. After the age of 6, everyone should schedule an annual eye exam.

Remember that vision screenings are not a substitute for an exam, as they only indicate if you have difficulty seeing and do not evaluate eye health. As you age, it is important to continue visiting the optometrist annually as age-related vision problems may occur.

Even if you think you have perfect vision, scheduling an eye exam can be one of the best things you do this year to protect your overall health and wellness. For more information on the importance of eye exams or to schedule an appointment, contact St. Lucy’s Vision Center today.

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