What Eyeglasses Are Best For Your Face Shape?

What-Eyeglasses-Are-Best-For-Your-Face-ShapeToday, there are more eyeglass styles to choose from than ever before. Eyeglasses can enhance your natural beauty and they can also help hide perceived flaws. The first thing you need to consider, however, is which eyeglass frames are best suited for the shape of your face.

How to Determine the Shape of Your Face
The first step in determining which eyeglasses to order is to figure out what shape your face is. It’s not enough to guess because your perception could be affected by your hairstyle or preconceived notions. In fact, after doing this simple step, you might be surprised to learn that your face shape isn’t what you thought.

At home, pull your hair away from your face so your hairline is completely visible. Use a ponytail holder and bobby pins to keep hair back while you complete this step. Look in the mirror and use dry erase marker to draw an outline of your face onto the mirror. Follow the lines of your hairline exactly. Now step back and review what you’ve drawn. You should be able to identify a heart shape, oval, circle, square or triangle. This is the shape of your face that you’ll use for the next steps.

How to Try on Eyeglasses
At the eye doctor’s, try on eyeglasses in well-lit areas. If you have to bring the eyeglasses nearer to a window in order to see better, that’s okay. Bring along a hand mirror so you can see yourself wearing the eyeglasses from all angles. If possible, bring a friend with you for a second opinion. Finally, this is a great time to take a selfie. Photograph yourself wearing any eyeglasses you’re seriously considering ordering, and view the image to see what you’ll look like to others.

Flattering Eyeglasses According to Your Face Shape
Opposite shapes work best to enhance your face. Surprisingly, choosing opposite shapes can help balance out your face shape. If your face is too angular and square, opt for round frames. If you have around “moon” face, a pair of square frames will help your face look less round. Oval faces are balanced with angular eyeglass frames.

The Exception of Triangular Faces
If your face shape is a triangle, chances are you can get away with wearing any eyeglass frame shape you want. Lucky you!

Size Does Matter When It Comes to Eyeglasses
The width of the eyeglasses should be flush with the width of your cheekbones. Too narrow and they will make your face look very wide. Too wide and you will end up with that “owl” look.

Finally, be sure that you have sufficient field of vision with any pair of eyeglasses you purchase. Smaller lenses equal a narrower field of vision, so if you want to be able to have a wider peripheral vision without turning your head, opt for a larger lens, as long as the frame doesn’t extend past your cheekbones.

Your eyeglasses will likely last you for a long time, so it’s worth it to take your time and choose carefully. For more assistance picking out the ideal eyeglasses for your face shape, consult with our staff.

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